Saturday, 2 June 2018

Friday thoughts from Mrs Ward's group



Today we woke up earlier than usual at 7.15 for an 8.00 breakfast. There were croissants, toast, fruit, ham and yoghurt available to eat and milk, juice, and hot chocolate available to drink. Izzie Haran.

The Hotel and our rooms:

Today me, Mia and Rosa woke up and our room was a mess so we had to clean it very quickly before Miss came in for an inspection. We opened our curtains to reveal our beautiful view of the Molveno lake and we wnet on with our day. Erin Roberts

Mass on the mountain:

We arrived at the top of a very high mountain in one of the high peaks of Molveno. When we got to the top of the mountain we made it to the hill where we had Mass. Although the ground was a bit damp, it was sunny. There was a gorgeous view and Mr Thomas bought us drinks. Gabby McKenna

Food at the hotel:

Today, as usual, we had three meals. It started off with a breakfast buffet. At lunch we had pesto pasta, sausages and mash and ice cream. For dinner we had tomato soup, chicken and cheese cake. Overall, I give the food today 7/10! Sara Hadji-Heshmati

Shopping in Riva:

Yooo Hooo! Today we went to Riva. It was a 1.3 hour drive to Riva and was worth it. I went round in a group of 2, with Grace Jones. Mostly this shopping trip I bought presents for the family. I came across some strange shops. Mia Hobbs