Monday, 28 May 2018

Saturday and Sunday 'tweets' from Ms Correia's group

Saturday and Sunday

The Journey:

The ferry was the best part of the journey because we were allowed to explore it. When we went up on the deck, it was so windy we got pushed around. Sophia Sandelson

The Coach:

The coach was brand new, so it had that new car smell, but that smell isn't my favourite. We watched lots of movies and stopped multiple time for toilet breaks and meals. I only slept for a few hours because it was very uncomfortable. Eleanor Sharpe

Waterfalls Walk:

Once we arrived at the waterfall, most people took their shoes and socks off and paddled in the water. Some people did full on pressups and went a bit crazy by getting soaked in cold water. The we walked up some steep steps to a cafe. Mr Thomas generously bought us all drinks. Connie Bright

The Hotel: First Impressions:

The view! AMAZING! Bit jealous of other people's saunas, but SHHHH! Edie Bright

Supper In The Hotel:

We ate dinner in the hotel. It was very fun because we sung our Grace in a canon. The meal was abundantly delicious.We ate lasagna for starter, veal with broccoli for the main and a black forest chocolate cake for pudding. Isabella le Boudec

Europa Bridge and Breakfast in Austria:

We went to the McDonalds where there was a really long queue, but the pancakes were delicious. Thewre was also a restaurant the looked like it was from The Sound Of Music, but we all went to McDonalds instead. The view was amazing. Grace Jones

Sunday Lunch At The Hotel:

For lunch we had tortelini (pasta) with bits of ham which was delicious. For desert we had a strange chocolate pudding which was a bit of a cross between chocolate mousse and a jelly type thing and I didn't realy like it because the texture was weird. Isabella Downer

Parents don't worry

We have been putting sun cream on and we have been staying hydrated!

Sunday Evening:

Last night we were not able to go swimming becuase there was lots of thunder and a bit of lightning, but we played ping pong instead and we had a go on the climbing wall in the hotel which was an interesting attempt.