Thursday, 1 June 2017


Sorry these are not in order, the Monday group have not yet written theirs!



Early Wake Up & Breakfast

Wehad to wake up at 6.45 for an early breakfast and then we set off to go to Venice. For breakfast the were croissants, bread and yoghurt. In my opinion the yoghurt was decent. #nice

Ben A


St Mark's Square:

We were able to see amazing views from the top pf St Mark's Cathedral. We looked out at all the people and statues.



St Mark's Cathedral:

This was one of the most spectacular pieces of architcture I've ever seen and a lot of work had gone into it. The price tag is priceless and the body of St Mark was extremely moving.



Glass Blowing:

Glass blowing was an amazing experience. He made it look so easy. The most expensive thing I saw was €8k I also bought a glass horse for €20.



Shopping and 'The Market':

The last event of the day, was the market. I bought a Juventus shirt and an Italy jacket. Both of them I got for a discount. It was great.



4 Horses & The Golden Altar Piece:

In St Mark's Cathedral our last activity was seeing the 4 famous horses and the golden altar piece. These famous monuments were in surprisingly good condition and were very impressive.

Ben A


Evening Prayers:

Firstly we sang hymn number 4, then we were blessed by Father Thomas, then we were told what was going on the next day.