Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The Journey

Saturday and Sunday


The Journey:

The journey was 24 hours long, but everyone was filled with joy and laughter. On the way we were intrigued by all the beautiful views and scenery.

Milica and Grace A-L


The Coach:

The coach was very fun even though we had to stay in for a very long time. We watched many movies and played many games. Also, the seats were very comfortable.



Waterfalls Walk:

We walked up the mountain still taking in the views of the lake, then we came to an amazing waterfall where everyone stuck their heads under the freezing water!!

Tallulah and Erin


The Hotel: First Impressions:

The hotel is beautiful! The views from the hotel are really incredible! I can't believe how tidy the hotel is and how friendly the staff are. My room is quite small, but the view from the balcony is quite phenomenal.



Supper In The Hotel:

Supper in the hotel was really nice. We had tomato soup for starter. We had really nice chicken for the main and chocolate and apricot cake for desert. The waiter and waitress are so nice and always willing to help!

Tori and Daisy


Europa Bridge and Breakfast in Austria:

I had pancakes with nutella which was very nice. The MacDonalds was so nice. The views were amazing.

Grace F


Sunday Lunch At The Hotel:

When we had finally arrived at the hotel from our long journey, it was lovely to meet the waiter and waitress for the first time. The food which we had for lunch was lasagna. It really did feel good to have a proper, delicious meal after our 24 hour journey on the coach. Italian food is really the best!



Walk Up The Mountain:

Quite a few hours after packing, we set off for a walk up the mountain. There was lots of beautiful scenery and we took lots of fotos. When we got to our destination there was a little cafe where we were bought drinks and sat outside.

Ayotenu and Angelica


Free Time:

After a wonderful time up on the mountain, we had some free time to do what we wanted. Some of us got to go to the lake. The view was amazing. Everyone loved it.

Sophia and Kaitlyn