Friday, 3 June 2016


Mr Gasiorek's group share their thoughts:

Village Quiz: The village quiz was fun with a lot of banter. We had an advantage as Lorenzo speaks Italian and asked the locals. The scores for the quiz were very close as there was a 4 point difference between the top 6 groups (we came 6th). We had to see names of shops and what they sold from the very well written clues from Mr G. Daniel Fayinka

Basketball tournament: A pretty good day for Gervase apart from that ... doubtable -  with some great moves from Daniel ( he forced me to write this) and in Barlow it was #shambolic. #keepyourhandsdown #youarenotmichaeljordon. Lorenzo Perotta

Football training: I early morning football we had a really fun session and being the day before our big football game made it a lot more fun. Also, we had squad training where many good goals were scored and great #tekkers were performed. ##f2. Luke Decosta

Swimming in the hotel pool:  The hotel pool. The main attraction. The nice warm water, clear and blue. We have to wait for a teacher, but as soon they are their, we can go in. #splash. Oscar Wijnberg

Lake Activities: On wednesday we went down to the lake a played a few games. One of the games, which I am sure a lot of boys did not understand, was rounders. There was also a game called Hand Grenade, which was very funny, but my favourite was when a few boys tried to cheer lead (including me). #failedcheerleaders. George Coutya

Free time: We spent most of our free time teaching people how to play poker and arguing a bout how to deal cards. We used matchsticks that we took off Mr McCarthy and played for at least one hour. #casinoroyal #loaded. Kit Mawer