Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Tuesday Tweets

Vaporetto: The boat trip in Venice (when it was sunny), was amazing to see all the old buildings. #Sunny, #Fun, #Venice, #MolvenoTrip, #LadsOnTour, #MumOrBroWouldNotLike, #IsaiahLovesPowerade, #Coop, #TOTS (Team On Time). Rory B.


#Venice: There was a long journey on the coach. When we finally got on a boat, it was pouring with rain. When we got to Venice, the weather was good and we visited a cathedral, where we had a quick tour. We went shopping in a market and then went back to Molveno. Simeon K.


#Venice: Today was the best day of the holiday. Going through the little streets and looking at all the stalls and shops. #LovedIt, #Don'tWannaGoHome. Dalton B.


#Venice: Venice had the best ice-cream parlours in the world. St Mark's Cathedral was really fascinating. #MolvenoTrip, #LongJourney, #TOT (Team On Time).


Vaporetto:  Today we toured round Venice, but we also went on a boat trip to Venice centre. This was where we went round and through Venice on a vaporetto, which was briliiant. We got to see beautiful boats and gondolas. This was great. #BoatTour. Ted T.


St Mark's Square: Was a very fun experience. I really like the cathedral. #LovedEveryMinute, #Venice, #Pizza. Ned L.


St Mark's Cathedral:  So close to falling off the edge. I think the horses saved me. #SaveTomas2012. Radford P.


4 Horses and Golden Altar: We visited St Mark's Cathedral almost as soon as we arrived. We queued, but it was quickly over. Towards the end of the visit, we saw the Golden Altar. It was spectacular and worth every bit of waiting. Completely gold. #Molveno, #Altar, #Fun. Alex U.


Shopping in Venice: On Tuesday, we all went shopping in Venice. It was absolutely wonderful, but it was hard finding presents for the family back home. #FirstWorldProblems. Jack F.


The Coach Journey back: Rainbow lights on the bus. Just watched Dodgeball and Austin Powers. The food at the hotel is really nice. #GoldenBoy, #RainbowBus, #SharksWith Lasers. Tom U.


Food in Hotel: The food is sooooooooo good. I love it. Louis R


Food in Hotel: The food here is sooooooooo good. We are loving it. #ItalyFor Ever. Jack E.