Saturday, 31 May 2014

Wednesday tweets

Football Training. Football training was fun today. Jack is good. #dench, #best.

Village Quiz. The Village Quiz was great and finding answers was fun. #MolvenoRules. Philip Byrnes.

Basketball Tournament. We were divided into 5 teams. I am tall like a basketball player, but I was not great. Tom D'Arcy.

Hotel Food. Another great three course meal. Much nicer than at home. Lucian Mac-Fall.

Free time. Ball got thrown into the lake and we tried to fish it out. It took for ever making us late and we got in trouble. #rebel. Sam Porter-Thomas.

Molveno: Overall impressions. Molveno is a really nice place and very calm. #dench, #w57. Stanley Drewitt

Swimming in the hotel pool. We all had shoulder fights. #TitianFall. Tom Blackler