Saturday, 31 May 2014

Tuesday tweets

Venice: Went to Venice and bought loads of souvenirs! Spent €50. #SpendMoney4Fun. Doyin Akinfe.

St. Mark's Square. Venice was amazing. We all had so much fun, but the square was beautiful and full of culture. #venisis amazing, #stmarkssquare, #friends, #fun. Cora Doherty

St Mark's Cathedral. St Mark's Cathedral was filled with #elaborate jewels and statues. The view from the top of the Cathedral was spectacular. Amy-Rose Taylor

4 Horses and the golden altar piece. There was so much history behind it all! #venice. Tahlia Klein.

Evening Prayers. I enjoyed the day out to Venice with the guys. I loved it! Really enjoyed the view of the island and bought souvenirs in there! Shenute