Saturday, 31 May 2014

Thursday tweets

Early morning football. It was great fun. It was preparation for our important match. 'EarlyMorning. Jack Hobbs.

Football - final traing session. Very motivated for the game. We've trained hard for it. It was ours for the taking. #TrainHardWorkHarder. Ed Moss.

The football match. Rough game, great win. Really fun. #4-0, #WorkHardPlayHard, #CarpeDiem. Thomas Goode.

The football match. The game was today! #LetsGoBoys, #TeamBennies. Chad Sproule.

Hotel Food. The hotel food is amazing. Especially the pasta. Tomek Tsang.

Table Tennis. Table tennis tournament going great. #fun, #win. Max Appleby.

Free time. Went down to the lake. Great view #View, #Sick. James Green.