Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Basketball - final results

The Barlow team played against the Barbarians team in the basketball final. After a very tense match (2-2 at half time), the final score was 4-2 to Barlow.

Winning team:

Team lists:

Alex Szczech
Thomas Goode
Shenna Lee
Josh Bamford
James Lyons
Molly Bish
Ed Page
Jack Hobbs
Issey Pastor
Andre Kirov
Chad Sproule
Lucian Mac-Fall
Tomek Tsang
Daniel Moore
Ollie Walsh
Ed Moss
James Young
Amy Taylor

Stanley Drewett
Conor Baxter
Dominic Grzegorzek
Tom Blackler
William Adams
Christian Downer
Philip Byrnes
Doyin Akinfe
Alex Holmes
Tom D’Arcy
Max Appleby
Benedict King
Cora Doherty
Conor Bissett
Louis Miles
Luis Gomez Rose
James Green
Conor Moon
Louis Lota
Ben Michael
Tom Mythen
Josh O’Flaherty
Oskar Stiff
Sam Porter-Thomas
Emilio Uribe
Freddie Saward